Frequently Asked Questions About GBC

Additional information concerning what we believe and how we operate may be found in our church “Constitution” and “What We Believe” pages on this site. 

Is GBC in the Southern Baptist Convention? No. GBC is an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church. Our sole authority is the Word of God. We do not operate under the authority of any man-made group or convention.

Is GBC a KJV church? Yes. We hold to the historical, traditional English Bible, the Authorized King James Version and the Textus Receptus from which it was translated. Due to all other modern Bible translations being translated from the Alexandrian “Critical” Text, we reject them based on their errors and unreliability.

Is GBC Calvinistic or Reformed? No. GBC does not adhere to Calvinism or any distinctive Reformed Theology. We believe that Jesus died for all and is not willing that any should perish. God has not pre-determined the eternal destiny of men, but allows every human the choice to accept or reject the Gospel.

What kind of music does GBC use? GBC uses traditional hymns and reverent music that focuses on the truth of Scripture, draws attention to doctrine and glorifies God–not a performer or style. Most music classified as CCM would not be something we would use for our services.

Is GBC Dispensational in Theology? Yes. But GBC is not hyper-dispensational. We find certain dispensations in Scripture and base our theology on what Scripture indicates. We do not take extremes some dispensationalists do and create extra dispensations not found in Scripture. We do reject Covenant Theology.

Is GBC Pro Israel or believe in Replacement Theology? God has not cast away ethnic, national Israel and has much in store for Israel in Bible prophecy. We reject Replacement Theology and all who teach it. We acknowledge the modern nation of Israel as part of Israel’s restoration promised in the Scriptures.

Is GBC Pre-Tribulational in Theology? Yes. We do believe the Scriptures teach Christ will return to take the Church out of the world before the Seven Year Tribulation.

Is GBC Pre-Millennial in Theology? Yes. We do believe Christ will return to earth physically and begin an earthly reign for a literal one thousand years.

Does GBC believe someone can lose their salvation? No. Once a person is justified by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, no man can pluck them from the Father’s hand and nothing, including themselves can undo the atoning work of Christ that gives them eternal security. But true repentance and salvation is accompanied by a life of obedience to God’s Word and holy living.

What is GBC’s governing structure? The Bible teaches that Jesus is the head of the church. The church is overseen by pastors and they are assisted in ministry by deacons. Deacons have no ruling authority but are servants to minister to the members. The members have the right to remove the pastors and deacons by majority vote if they see fit.

What is GBC’s position on alcoholic beverages? The Bible condemns alcoholic beverages as dangerous and detrimental to a person’s health and spiritual life. Though we acknowledge the Bible often uses the word wine, the original words can mean grape juice or alcoholic wine. In every instance the Bible speaks well of wine, it is referencing grape juice or mixed wine done so for medicinal or sterilization purposes. In every instance it speaks evil of wine, it is referencing a beverage made for the purpose or with the capacity for intoxication. The careful student of Scripture will see that the consumption of all modern alcoholic beverages is a clear violation of the Scriptures’ teaching on the subject.

What do I need to do in order to join GBC?  Attend our services to determine for yourself that we are preaching and teaching the Scriptures faithfully and accurately, prayerfully consider if God would have us become your church family, voice your interest to our pastors or deacons and enter into conversation concerning your conversion to Christ. We would love to meet you and be of any help possible.

Does GBC require members to tithe? No. The Scriptures are clear that tithing was a part of the Mosaic Law and the operation of national Israel. Under the New Covenant, the Christian is commanded to be a good steward of all God gives him and to give generously as he is able. The vast majority of trusted Fundamentalist Bible teachers agree with this and unfortunately some churches preach tithing in the interest of fundraising and increasing salaries. Our pastors support themselves in addition to the giving of the church.

What is GBC’s position on homosexuality? The Scriptures are clear that God has defined marriage as between one man and one woman. Anything else is anti-God and against Scripture. Homosexuality is called an abomination and the Scriptures are clear that those engaged in it are in complete rebellion to God and will not inherit eternal life. We would urge anyone engaged in homosexuality to repent and accept Christ and become a new creature.