We believe that each believer has a God-given calling to be the ambassadors of Jesus Christ wherever life takes them. We also believe that it is the place of the Church to reach out to the lost in our local communities. We can also see from Scripture that local churches should support the work of international missions. We currently support two missionary families. We encourage everyone reading this page to embrace the call of missions no matter where you are and with all people your path crosses. Paul said that believers are a Bible that lost read; and many times, we are the only Bible they will read. At this time we are not taking on additional missionaries.


The Hendricks Family


The Hendricks family serve the LORD in their native country India, in the city of Bangalore. Brother Adrian pastors a church in Bangalore and oversees a children’s orphanage. His serves alongside his wife Emma, and sons Timothy, Titus and Trophemus. They minister to the people of India, facing many false religions, including Islam and Hinduism. Timothy, (right of Emma) is currently studying for the ministry at Ambassador Baptist College.

The Hood Family

James and Suzanne Hood serve in the Philippines helping small churches grow in the faith and in their outreach to the local villages and cities. Brother James mentors and disciples native church leaders and pastors.