A Commentary On Jude- Pastor Kenneth D. Willis

A Guide to Celebrating Passover — Pastor Kenneth D. Willis

d4fa1374-5396-47e0-925d-adf9fd396135_D (1)Chanukah:  The Feast of Dedication — Pastor Kenneth D. Willis

This book explains how Chanukah is not merely a Jewish feast, but one that was prophesied in the Old Testament, fulfilled during the 400 years of silence and even referenced by Jesus and Paul. It includes a detailed history of Jewish victories over the Greeks and the rededication of the Second Temple. Without Chanukah, the ministry of Jesus would not have been possible! Read how Chanukah applies to all God’s children and teaches us many deep lessons of faithfulness, dedication, holiness and faith in the God of the impossible. Learn the true meaning of “the season of miracles”.

45530363-a8f1-4354-a0dd-1df111db9734_D (1)The Spirit of Elijah — Pastor Kenneth D. Willis

This book traces the triple pronged connection between the lives of Elijah, Elisha and John the Baptist. Spanning I Kings to Revelation, The Spirit of Elijah shows the connection made by Jesus Christ between the fiery prophet Elijah and John the Baptist, the Wilderness preacher. This book is a very detailed study in the lives of three prophets whose ministries are connected by a spirit of fierce loyalty to the God of Israel in times where most served false gods or Roman power. It ends with a look toward the future return of Elijah during the Great Tribulation.

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The Tanakh: The Old Testament — Pastor Kenneth D. Willis

This book examines the Old Testament’s purpose by division, and even the references to it by Jesus Christ. It shows us as New Testament believers how God intended us to use each part of the Old Testament. In a day where many cast it aside as outdated and irrelevant, The Tanakh shows that the Old Testament is relevant and in fact crucial to a full and blessed life for us today.