PART I –Defining The Issue Facebook Video

PART II–History And Theology of Preservation–

PART III–The Lineages of Two Streams of Texts 

PART IV–Doctrinal Differences In Versions And The Critical Text’s Effect On Fundamentalism 

The Tanakh (OT)  and the Believer – Kenneth Willis

The Transfiguration Explained – Kenneth Willis

Yeshua and the Shema – Kenneth Willis

Elijah: The Man Who Shut Up Heaven – Kenneth Willis

2015 Passover Seder – Kenneth Willis

2 thoughts on “RESOURCES

  1. I just came across your site tonight, find it interesting that a Baptist church has an understanding of Jewish beliefs. I live in Asheville NC and am a member of Beth Israel Conservative synagogue for past 18 years.
    Also attend Rabbi Susskinds services (Chabbad). My son & 3 grandchildren live in Mauldin SC and I am occasionally down there. My grandson was brought up in the conservative synagogue and also the Baptist church. We do not identify ourselves as Messianic Jews, we believe in Yeshua yet keep our Jewish ways/traditions in my home. (my fathers people were Baptist). We have orthodox friends who have converted yet stay in the synagogue and raise their children Jewish. What I wanted to relay is that in our synagogue the Jews are very aware of who Jesus is. 2 years ago in our Bible study class (open to the public) they studied the book of Matthew, the sole purpose was to see if he taught anything different than what Torah/God said.They determined he taught the same. They could even accept Him being the son of God, where they draw the line is they deny his resurrection and any need for blood atonement. Throughout the year we have had sessions of teachings on Jesus/parables etc, and they have been well attended. They are taught by a holocaust survivor who became a christian went to seminary got his theology degree was a Baptist pastor 26 years left the church and came back to Judaism to instruct his people. In all 3 synagogues that I attend here there are courses on Jesus and his teachings. Still this does not sway the Jewish people. To be honest with you most Jews I know view the present church as a joke. And the few Jews who I know that do believe in Jesus prefer to stay in the synagogue and just be a “light”. They can’t abide with the pagan holidays the church keeps, etc. Unless the “Spirit” draws them they will continue on in their traditions, and be content.
    My intent is not to offend, I admire the work you are doing, I’m sure it is hard ground to plow. Keep pressing on. Most christians have no clue that the early church was “Jewish”.. What amazed me was many Jews knew and could quote new testament scripture and are aware of the yet unfull-filled scriptures concerning the “end times” they are watching to see what will happen to Israel. My Rabbi/teacher is a friend with Gershom Solomon, leader of the Temple Mount Faithful in Israel, he comes here often to the Asheville to visit and speaks at the Trinity Baptist Church. They are making the vessels and instruments to put in the 3rd temple.
    Even he feels the imminent return of the Messiah is near. What I find sad is the church is slipping away from what it was called to do, and the Jews see no need to be a part of that confusion. As one Jewish lady once asked me “how many church denominations are there? Even if I wanted to convert how would I know which one to go to? I told her about 47,000 different denominations. She said “well at least for the last 5000 years we know what we believe! She even relayed to me that she knew the “christians’ needed to get the Jews to mass convert in order for their Messiah to return. So in closing you may be surprised at how well the Jews know or have read the New Testament, and they are not converting in the masses either. Yet churches are dying also. Could this be the great “falling away” that Yeshua spoke of? Sadly I don’t see either side winning.


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